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Amanda T. Cypert

Hearing Representative 

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Amanda Cypert is a Hearing Representative with Fellman & Associates. She is proficient in, and handles, all aspects of workers' compensation. Her responsibilities include court appearances, depositions, initial legal analysis, record reviews, legal correspondence, research and pleadings, trial preparation, and lien negotiations.  Ms. Cypert is fluent in Vietnamese

and has utilized her language skills in representing the firm's clients.

Prior to Fellman & Associates, Ms. Cypert was a hearing representative with Dale, Braden & Hinchcliffe. At that firm, she handled the complete range of issues that arise in a workers' compensation case. Previous to that, she was a management consultant with FedEx Trade Networks,

where she focused on Customs/Trade Law matters.

Her experience in diverse areas of the law equip her with an analytical

and professional understanding which she utilizes in performing her duties and responsibilities.

Ms. Cypert holds a B. A. in English, with emphasis in the Renaissance, from the

University of California, Los Angeles. She continued her pursuit of higher education and attended

McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific, from which she holds a Juris Doctorate.

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